Rhine West Performance, Inc. has developed a new performance chip for BMW's K1200rs/gt series motorcycles. Local riders tell us the chip is phenomenal, and we agree.

Preview the installation instructions.

There are 2 chips available based on the year model of the bike.  Generally the early chip is found in bikes produced up to 8/99 and the late chip is 8/99 and later.  We have found several exceptions to that rule.  Early control units have been found in bikes produced as late as 02/00. If your bike has a production date in the range of 8/99 or later, we suggest that you provide us with the numbers that are on the outside of the control unit. That way we can ship you the correct chip. 

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$400 plus shipping:

Rhine West Performance software, decryption board and installation instructions

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Not satisfied? Return the chip within 30 days of purchase and we'll refund your $400

Contact us at 210-826-0014 or info@rhinewest.com We're continuing to test other exhaust systems and performance modifications, so watch this site for more news about new developments.

Install our proprietary software and you can expect more linear power production and smoother acceleration, whether your K has stock exhaust or other exhaust systems. We see the largest improvement with the stock exhaust, however there are noticeable gains with the other exhaust systems. See the dyno charts for performance comparisons. For more information on which chip fits your motorcycle click here.

Dyno Charts

• 1997- 11/1999 Stock software vs. Performance software both w/Stock exhaust

• 12/1999 - 2003 Stock software vs. Performance software both w/Stock exhaust

1997 - 11/1999 Remus w/ Stock software vs. Remus w/ Performance software

• 12/1999 - 2003 Remus w/ Stock software vs. Remus w/ Performance software

• Interesting comparison of torque values

• Two Brothers Exhaust w/wo software

• Staintune Exhaust w/wo software

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